Tulsa Oklahoma Marriott Hotel

Kinseth Hospitality Company (KHC) is pleased to announce the opening of the new, modern 5,000 square foot Courtyard by Marriott Tulsa Hotel, with an enhanced décor that provides guests with a sense of warmth and tranquility during their travels. The fully renovated courthouse features a full-service restaurant, bar, lounge and fitness centre, as well as an outdoor terrace.

The new design of the rooms is impressive and unique, responding to the needs of the modern traveler, with an emphasis on comfort, comfort and convenience. Each room has been designed with modern travelers in mind, allowing productivity on the street without over-complicated guest rooms.

When it's time to be productive, grab a Starbucks coffee, tap into the free Wi-Fi, get some fresh air by the fireplace, or grab a coffee and get going. Enjoy a Starbucks coffee at breakfast in the bistro or visit the restaurant for dinner and cocktails in the evening. At the end of the day, reward yourself with a drink with seasonal food from the bistros and go outside to play.

Whether you're on vacation from work or traveling to work, Courtyard by Marriott (r) can help you bring more game to your stay. Make your room a little more fun by redesigning your guest room with outdoor terrace, outdoor pool and outdoor play area. We # We have archived all older 36 months to keep them relevant for your upcoming trip.

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As someone who has been to the property before, I have to tell you what others have told me about it. General Patrick Hurley opened the Ambassador Hotel in 1924 and was the first in a series of plans to build a villa that was not yet ready to move into. When the oil business in Tulsa declined, Ambassador became a retirement home until it closed in 1987. An investor group bought it in 1999 and invested $1 million in restoration to reopen it as the only hotel in the Tulsa area to continue to have a niche with a full-service hotel.

The 55-guest, 4-room hotel is located on the corner of West Sixth Street and West Main Street in the heart of downtown Tulsa.

Each room has a well-lit work desk, a private bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. Other hotel amenities include a full-service bar serving craft cocktails from the pre-ban era, laundry service, an outdoor pool, a private dining room with pool table and private pool deck, and the possibility to organize events for up to 75 people. Free services include a complimentary glass of wine or beer at the bar, a complimentary breakfast in the hotel breakfast bar and free parking in all hotel parking spaces.

Located in the Tulsa Arts District, Holiday Inn Express is one of the largest and most popular hotels in Tulsa with more than 1,000 rooms. It features a full-service bar, private dining room and pool deck. DoubleTree is located just blocks from Oklahoma City International Airport and within walking distance of BOK Center. Double Tree is located in a lively business district and is connected to a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and other shops in downtown Tulsa.

A complimentary hot breakfast is also available, including scrambled eggs, homemade waffles, breakfast sandwiches and other breakfast items.

Kinseth Hospitality is based in North Liberty, Iowa, and currently operates over 70 hotels and 5 branded restaurants in 11 states. KHC has a proven track record in developing and operating awards - which have honored hotels, restaurants and hotels in the U.S. and around the world.

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