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Tulsa, Oklahoma, may not be the first city that springs to mind when it comes to pop culture, but maybe it should. As the second most populous city in Oklahoma, Tulsa is full of culture and attractions. Tulsa has a wide variety of attractions, from trendy nightlife to the world - the famous Tulsa Natural History Museum and Oklahoma State Capitol.

Just an hour from Oklahoma City subway station, the Jasmine Moran Children's Museum is fun for kids of all ages. Participating museums include the Tulsa Natural History Museum, Oklahoma State Capitol and Oklahoma Museum of Natural Sciences. Permanent exhibitions include a variety of animals, plants, animals and plants from all over the world as well as a wide range of interactive exhibits.

The Crystal Bridge Museum is located about two hours from Tulsa and features a wide variety of exhibits, a winding trail and an interactive exhibition area. The museum explores the mighty natural wonders of Oklahoma with several exhibits on an area of 50,000 square meters, including the exhibition of the oil pioneers of Conoco. With the Phillips family mausoleum, this museum north of Tulsa also has an extensive collection documenting the history of the Oklahoma oil industry. Located in the heart of historic downtown Tulsa, this museum houses an impressive gallery dedicated to Western art.

Experience the Aerospace Museum and Planetarium of Tulsa and delve into the past, present and future of aviation in Oklahoma. Covering 50,000 square feet, this museum at Tulsa International Airport presents a wide variety of exhibits. Take a short trip from Tulsa to the Will Rogers Memorial Museum, where you can view artifacts, memorabilia, saddle collections and more.

The museum, located on the University of Oklahoma campus, covers 40,000 square meters and features over 16,000 permanent objects, including the Oklahoma City Museum of Art's collection of more than 1,500 artworks. The significant photographic collection was donated by the National Archives and Records Administration, the U.S. Department of State and the Tulsa Museum and Planetarium of Tulsa. Participating 10 percent of your membership dollars in organizing special events, such as the annual Oklahoma for the Arts and Science Festival, contributes to the museum's $1.5 million annual operating budget, as well as a variety of educational programs and programs for students, faculty, and staff at the university and other local schools and colleges in the area. The Oklahoma City Museum offers art exhibitions, a wide range of exhibits and events for children, adults and families.

With exhibits and experiences such as the Gaylord Pickens Museum, the Oklahoma Hall of Fame stands for preserving Oklahoma's unique history while promoting the pride of our great state. Housed in the former home of the state's first governor, George H.W. Bush, this museum documents the lives and achievements of so many musical greats, including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Chet Baker, among many others.

This museum in Tulsa has been around for a little over 50 years, but the history it captures goes back even further. America's exploration, production and heritage began on August 27, 1859, with the founding of the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

This boutique museum is made up of Art Deco-era artwork in Tulsa, and the lobby is open to the public. Old Oklahoma left the aerospace industry in the mid-20th century, when many of the first aircraft were built in Oklahoma. In 2000, the Oklahoma State Museum of Aeronautics and Space Technology opened in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

After driving through Galena, Riverton and Baxter Springs, Kansas, Route 66 reaches Commerce, Oklahoma, crosses the Arkansas River in Tulsa, crosses the city from east to west on 11th Street Downtown of Tulsa, travels west and then east on Interstate 35 to the Oklahoma State University campus. The property belongs to the Thomas family, who purchased the property in 1909 and built a home on native sandstone perched on a hill overlooking the booming city of Tulsa. Thomas was awarded the title for his farm, which is 20 miles southwest of Tulsa, because he owned one-eighth of the Creek heritage.

The Oklahoma History Center is located at the Oklahoma State Capitol, which offers guided tours during the week. Tulsa may not have enough to surprise you in terms of art, but the city is home to the Tulsa Museum of Art, the largest museum of its kind in North America.

The Tulsa vacation rental apartments have the advantage of being directly across the street from this impressive museum, giving you access to the must-see attractions. Philbrook is a small town in the heart of the city, just a few miles from the Tulsa Museum of Art and Oklahoma Capitol.

While the Science Museum of Oklahoma is child-friendly, adults can also take their children on a trip to the museum. You should definitely stop at the zoo, but make sure to do justice to your museum - a visit to this museum expands your children's view of the world around them.

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