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The staff at this fast-paced Tulsa restaurant may seem hectic, but they really know what they're doing. Every Sushi Train employee is a sushi fanatic, and the chefs are among the best sushi artisans in Oklahoma. Japanese sushi art is so extensive and so long that the restaurants in Tulsa have many unique creations invented by passionate chefs themselves.

These unusual restaurants range from quirky to magical, from ancient Mexico to Asia, from space and time and from space - time to the past.

If you've been to one of these restaurants recently, make sure to leave your impressions in the comments. If you're looking for an unusual restaurant to dine at during your visit to Tulsa, or just for something fun and new, check out some of the Tulsa restaurants listed below. Either way, they are a great addition to your trip to the Oklahoma City area or an entertaining stopover on your way to Tulsa. If you're heading to southeast Oklahoma, check out Southern Bell's Resturaunt in Heavener, Oklahoma.

It is a place full of romance and wonder, which amazes both the eye and the palate and is a delight for the senses and an astonishment for the mind.

Everything about this Tulsa restaurant is about the vintage cars from the 1950s parked in front of the restaurant. In keeping with the Route 66 theme, the "Route 66 Mini Golf Series" offers a variety of holes along the old Route 66 highways.

Mini bowling is a smaller version of a traditional bowling alley that offers only six frames per game. There is even a "traditional" bowling alley where adults can play, but it is much smaller than the normal bowling alley.

True to the name of the restaurant, there is a real train that brings the delicious dishes directly to the table. The train carries color - coded plates that make it easy to know how much you've spent so you can keep the cost of your sushi at the lower end of the scale. And last but not least, customers are encouraged to select the pieces that are prepared for their order.

Don't start with an empty space and spend your time, energy and tons of money waiting for permits, construction projects, contractors and equipment. Tulsans who have abandoned the governor's "phased reopening," which most health experts fear will come too soon and too quickly, will be able to take lunch and dinner. Make sure you get there before the dinner rush begins, or wait in line to find out what all the fuss is about.

If the financial difficulties caused by the virus are real and serious and the reopening involves its own economic risk, I agree with the restaurateur who will keep his table service establishment closed - service. It costs thousands of dollars to buy food back, and it will cost a lot more money to return to the original menu of the old restaurant if you end up with a new menu with new ingredients and a different menu item. Billing says that although his account book was destroyed by the virus, he keeps his restaurant afloat because he has to make a decision that may be wrong. If you know someone who has been given a second chance in life, which is inspiration enough for you, come and enjoy the food.

I mention this café in the city centre because I am impressed by what it does for the local community. This place not only has fresh food, but is run by the resonance centre for women, with the intention of helping women to change forever.

Just three blocks from the university, the Cancun International Restaurant (eatatcancin.com) offers a wide selection of tacos, burritos, burgers and other foods. This family-friendly hotel serves a variety of moist burritos filled with meat of your choice. Some of the menu items I liked were chicken and pork tacos and the hot and spicy pork fountains. I also begged a pork taco with meatloaf and a pan - fried trout to taste, as well as a chicken sandwich.

Other restaurants in Tulsa that opened on Friday are Amo's Grill (amo-grills.com). Located opposite the park, it serves a wide range of tacos, burritos, burgers and other dishes, as well as hot and cold drinks. Mexican restaurants offer a good selection of chicken, pork, beef, chicken and pork tacos and burrito options.

There's not much variety, but be prepared to feel comfortable at any time of the year. The Chicken Dinner House, which offers a few menu items at Flyin 'Roll, is delicious. Here you can enjoy fried cucumbers, pork and potatoes, as well as various other dishes and hot drinks.

The food is prepared over a wood fire, known for its backyard barbecue flavor. Once you have taken your seat and gained first experience with Flyin 'Roll, the food is served in huge bowls that are served on a serving plate.

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