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Tulsa, Oklahoma is a single stop on Route 66 that is not to be missed, full of history, culture and a lot of great shopping and dining options. Tulsa has a long history as an oil-boom city, and has behaved and pulled the rug out from under the feet of those who expected a trip to cowboy areas, especially in the city once known for its cowboy culture and famous cowboy barbecues. The remnants of these glorious days can be seen throughout the city, from the Old Town Square to the city centre and even to the outskirts.

For those who need a break between shops, there are also many unique shops in Tulsa that focus on handmade coffee and cocktails. Many of these stores, like Boxyard, are primarily small businesses, making them the perfect place to keep locals in Tulsa.

A wide range of Made in Oklahoma products can be found in the gift shop and accessories of Enid's Felt Bird or in the Felt Bird store. Buck's Atom and Cosmic Curios 66 also offer a wide selection of Oklahoma ready meals and a wide selection of craft beers. There is something you can't resist in these shops, such as the selection of beer and wine and the great prices.

They also have many unique items where you can show your Oklahoma pride, including Oklahoma-shaped cast iron pans. Add barbed wire cowboy boots to the wall or a supply of couch cushions while you're looking for the best hands - on. They choose everything from buffalo-checkered deer cushions created by local Etsy artist Shanna Banana to a wide range of cowboy hats, hats and other accessories.

Main Street Mercantile showcases the pride of the Paul's Valley with a wide range of shirts and accessories featuring the special Paul's Valley logo. To make your choice at Felt Bird, buy the Enid Wheat T-shirts you print here when shopping or the seven-day special shirts. Pride in the team can also be expressed in the Oklahoma State University football team's store, where people shop and buy team shirts, hats and other items.

At the Gourmet Gallery in Edmond, you can buy personalized Oklahoma biscuits like the decadent Pauls Valley Bedre chocolate. Ida's Red Boutique also has a wide selection of Paul's Valley specialty items and accessories, including a selection of beers, wine, beer and wine glasses. Okie Twister also offers a variety of Oklahoma foods, including Porter's Porter peaches, corn bread, pinto beans, popcorn and more.

Choose from Oklahoma - themed jewelry, locally made jams, chocolates and other items, as well as a wide selection of Oklahoma products made by local farmers, craft brewers and craft beer makers. This local retailer offers everything from steamed and roasted beans to a variety of beers, wine and wine glasses.

Browse the local snacks and spreads that line the shelves of this Pauls Valley store, as well as a wide selection of craft beers, wines and spirits.

If you don't know what you're looking for, you can always find it in one of the many unique stores scattered across Tulsa. Browse a variety of Oklahoma - crafted paintings, jewelry, clothing and other items, and find an Oklahoma oil mogul who lived when Tulsa was Saudi Arabia in the West. Plan to visit many of these places, but why not somewhere that stands out? See how Oklahoma's oil moguls lived when they lived in Tulsa, or find a copy of an Oklahoma novel about the city's history.

While shopping, consider carefully a hand-stitched Simpleton Leather Goods design as a gift to a man, a bi-folded wallet or a bespoke belt. While there, check out the busy schedule of events, including the Oklahoma State Fair, Tulsa Art Festival and more. Then take a break and take a trip to explore the wide selection of artworks, gifts and gourmet food along Route 66.

This local store has a bit of everything, including Oklahoma - manufactured and inspired goods that would be an excellent souvenir, as well as some of the best food and drink in the state. Get a few things to spice up your wardrobe at one of the two affordable places in Tulsa. Ida Red's sells something for everyone and the shopping experience is truly unique. If you want to be close to the IdA Reds, stop by Decopolis in the Deco District of Tulsa, which is just across the street from the Oklahoma State Fair, the Tulsa Art Festival and others.

Hand-cast candles are among the most popular items, and customers from across Oklahoma drive to buy one. Locals also like to linger in the shop for a few hours after shopping and sip at the Porron Wine and Bear Lounge, which is located near the market. One of the most popular highlights is shopping with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer in the Porron wine bar, located behind the markets.

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