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Oklahoma City showed its love for the sport on Saturday as more than eighty thousand fans swarmed to watch the Oklahoma Sooners and Dallas Cowboys battle for the Big 12 championship. Bedlam came to a head when the Sooners and Cowboys met in Dallas, with both sides picking up bragging rights and nearly 90,000 fans rooting for their team in the fresh autumn air. Oklahoma's contract with the Cowboys was extended for a second year a week later than originally planned.

Superstars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook faced off against the rest of the Thunder team. For more basketball activities, visit other development league teams playing at the Cox Convention Center. RJO is a member of the Amateur Athletics Union and is a member of both the American Association of Basketball Coaches and the National Basketball Players Association.

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The university offers four combined national titles in football, men's and women's basketball, baseball and softball. The Conference Championship is often decided by games between OU and OSU, and the Conference Championship Game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State in the Big 12 Conference title game.

The museum also houses youth teams and honors some of the greatest softball players inducted into the Hall of Fame. The state fairgrounds in Oklahoma City host small school tournaments in March, bringing those involved back to that time. Make sure you make it to a guided tour, talk or baseball camp led by Hall-of-Famer Ferguson Jenkins.

Among the exhibits are Oklahoma's Shannon Miller's inductees and athlete-inspired art and sculptures. The University of Oklahoma campus in Norman is home to the Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame and the museum that houses the state's most prestigious sports museum. It carries a wall of champions that lists those who have achieved excellence in sport. You can also see some of the famous Oklahoma homans who turned professional, including Hall-of-Famers Troy Polamalu, Mike Piazza and Mike Ditka, along with many others.

The Oklahoma State University campus is home to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Museum, the only museum of its kind. The sport began in 1887 and the Cowboys have been playing in the NFL since the Iba team played more than sixty years ago, but even that is a shrine. Oklahoma State University in Stillwater will host some of the state's most famous athletes from the past, present and future at Heritage Hall and the Sports Museum, as well as Olympians, mascots and more. You can also delve into the history of softball and get a glimpse into the history of one of Oklahoma's oldest and most popular sports.

At Sooner State, the sport is well played and well coached, and discipline and dedication thrive, as viewers are reminded by the weekly Gridiron.

Oklahoma State has a unit that has gradually improved over the last season, and I think they've shown they're not like the other 12 big teams that struggled in Week 2.

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